Your Excellent appellate lawyer Sacramento had Available did their Job!


You had excellent representation from the appellate lawyer Sacramento had available to you and now what? Now, you wait. The decision making process for an appeal can be very time consuming. This is because the appellate courts are mandated by law to make a detailed opinion of your case and in order to do that it takes time. Not to mention the fact that your case is not the only case on their desk. Generally you are facing a 3-6 week wait for this decision.

While you are waiting you will no doubt be rethinking many different scenarios through your mind. Should you have even asked for an appeal? That is the main one. While in fact many cases should not be appealed, every case is different and very unique. You need to make certain you can take on the financial and emotional responsibilities first. Your attorney most definitely made their recommendation to you on whether you should proceed or not.

If it is simply the financial obligation that would set you back, you might have kicked around the idea of representing yourself in the appeal. The studying and absorption of the laws and expectations of a courtroom so as to handle your own appeal would not be wise. If it is an appeal you seek, retaining an experienced appellate lawyer is highly recommended.

Maybe you are thinking over the decision that you made in regards to appearing in court during your appeal. It is okay that you were not there. In fact the judges do not expect you to be there. That is exactly what your lawyer is for, to represent you. This is because if you were to attend your own appeal you would need to sit there still with a face of a statue. There is no responsiveness allowed.

Since the appeal has been done, sit back and breathe a huge breath. The hardest part is upon you now, the wait.

Your Excellent appellate lawyer Sacramento had Available did their Job!

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