When you need an Appellate Lawyer in Sacramento

It is not the duty of an appellate court to retry a case or hear new evidence; their concerns relate to reviewing the previous court trial proceedings, to determine if the correct process of the law was followed and the proper law was applied. Accordingly, in comparison to the issues raised at trial, those addressed by an appellate lawyer in Sacramento before and appellate court have a different significance. While an appellate court will usually defer to the trial court or jury on issues founded on fact, it will, however, have the final decision on the question of law.

Following notice of appeal; for example, following a summary judgment motion or a demurrer, the appellate court generally reviews the materials. It then independently, determines whether a case should have been dismissed or allowed to go to trial. It would not be wise for anyone to become involved in a complex court case without retaining a qualified and experienced trial lawyer. Likewise, enlisting the services of an appellate lawyer in Sacramento with their courtroom expertise, offers the best opportunity to obtain a favorable decision regarding an appeal.

An appellate lawyer in Sacramento who regularly practices in appellate courts will be adept and knowledgeable with the appellate rules. They will have the experience to select the most appropriate issues and arguments to address and prepare a brief focusing on what is relevant to the court. This will be supported with an oral argument, designed to influence a decision in favor of their client.

Due to their specialized knowledge and experience, an appellate lawyer in Sacramento can frequently be of considerable assistance prior to and during a trial, related to ensuring a favorable perspective for a client, in the event of an appeal being lodged. This assistance can be extended to post-judgment strategies, including security for judgments, and helping determine whether, in fact, an appeal should be lodged!

When you need an Appellate Lawyer in Sacramento

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