Concerns That Any Appellate Lawyer Sacramento Has On The Docket Are Finally Spoken

Any appellate lawyer Sacramento has on the dockets will appreciate this blog. Being an appellate lawyer is far from easy. We are often referred to as smug or even judgmental when it comes to representation. Trial attorneys often have the wrong impression in the beginning thinking that we are judging them on the way the case was handled the first time. There are so many inaccuracies in this attitude, but they are still there.

While Eisen Legal does not go into any case with this attitude against the trial attorneys, jury, or judge there are many concerns, not problems, which go through our minds when we are reviewing or preparing for cases to be heard in appellate court.

One of the most common concerns is the obvious lack of evidentiary objections made at a trial. California lawyers are one of the highest ranked in fact for actually missing the boat when it comes to asking for a statement of decision. This is crucial and can still be requested after the actual judgement. It will explain in detail the legal reasoning behind the decision that was made. If the case goes to the court of appeals this document is key for any appellate lawyer to have in hand.

Also, there is one more concern that many appellate lawyers have. The fact that far too many trial attorneys actually alienate themselves and quite possibly their client by proposing objections to questions that are clearly harmless. While they are concerned with the harmless issues and questions they may quite possibly open the door for opposing counsel to get some much needed information that they did not need. Judges tend to see right through this and absolutely do not appreciate or approve of such acts.

The office of Eisen Legal work hard to ensure their clients are treated with the upmost respect and receive a fair and just appeal. For a consultation feel free to contact the office at 916-444-6171.

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